Friday, April 10, 2009


I have two females that are due to have babies the end of the month.. Don't think Ali (my tiny) will have more than 1 or 2 this time.. That's ok though.. Missy is a bit bigger at 4 pounds and she is huge.. This is her first litter so am hoping everything goes well.. I feel sorry for her, she has a whole month to go and is already miserable.. poor little girl.. I will post pics of them all when they arrive.. They are sooo tiny at birth, weighing in at around 2 ounces.. Most people think they look like mice, but they don't they look like a tiny tiny doberman pincher.. with the same markings.. It always amazes me to look at the two breeds.. The tiny Yorkshire Terrier, a toy, and then the Doberman.. Huge.. We actually have both breeds in our family.. My son Jordan has a Male Dobie who weighs in at about 80 pounds( but a big baby) and they the yorkies who are about 3-4 pounds.. the same colors and markings, except the yorkies have long hair.. Jordan is hoping to breed his dobie so if there is anyone out there who would need a great looking stud for their female, please let us know..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

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My 5 addictions:

#1. Maple sticks from the Palace Cafe!! I have to have one every single day. If I don't work I go get one. The are bread dough, made into sticks and deepfried and then frosted with maple frosting. Yes you can get them at a bakery, but these fresh everyday are the best. Even when I make them!!! And I do every Monday at work....

#2. Yorkies. I love them!!! I spoil them rotten although not like some people do theirs. I don't dress mine up although I do put pony tails in their hair sometimes. Ali sleeps with me and sits on my lap most of her waking or I should say my waking hours. The family loves it when I am being lazy on the couch with all the yorkies laying on or around me. lol....

#3 Chocolate. I really don't know of many who don't have this one. But it is my favorite!!!!! especially dark chocolate.

#4. Arbonne. Oh gosh you all just have to try this wonderful skin care product. It is awesome. My skin has never looked nor felt so wonderful... All natural skin care. Try it you'll like it and I know just who you can get it from. (ps. Ashley will be doing a give away soon with Arbonne)

#5. Shoes, slippers, sandles, anything on my feet. My husband teases me as does my mother- In -Law about all my shoes. I have a hard time giving them up. I have a pair of sandles that are about 10 years old, I seldom wear them, but I do sometimes. They are still in style and why on earth should I give them up? They only take up a little bit of space. lol..... I love shoes.

there you are Ashley. I blogged twice today. lol...... Love ya

Tagged by Ashley!!!

Since I've Been gone.

Well hello again. It has been a long time since I have been on to blog about anything.
We had a wonderful Christmas with all the kids and granddaughters at home. We got some wonderful news of a new grandchild coming our way in July. Shanna and Cole are having a baby!!! Almost gave up on them. lol... Check out her blog at Siegle and Company to follow her news.
We will be having some Yorkie babies in Feb. Rosie is pregnant (I think) Can't tell with her until about a week before, although she is gaining some weight. So I am pretty sure she is. I was actually hoping to wait with new puppies til spring, but it just doesn't work out that way.
Our dogs have a problem sharing the food dish. Last week Ali (the smallest) was eating and Missy was laying by the food dish waiting patiently for her turn. When Ali was done, she took a kibble out of the bowl and put it right beside Missy and then walked off. I had never seen her do that before. What a little stinker she is.
My Job.
I work at the Palace Cafe as a cook. Our boss is going on vacation for about a month or 3. lol.... Her daughter is going to be running the cafe in her place. I have a feeling she is going to change alot of things. Some things are not going to go over well with the employees. Change is good most of the time, although it sounds like there will be some things that are not totally nessary. But I guess we'll see. Wish us employees good luck as we would hate to all quit and let her run the place herself. lol.... I don't think it will come to that.
I have been trying to keep my house in order since Shanna left. She went through and took out alot of stuff that was not needed. (bet the garbage men had a hayday) lol.... It looks really good. I have been getting on "flylady" and trying to follow her daily "missions" It's rather fun. The biggest thing is the clutter that accumulates in all those spots. She calls them "hotspots" That is what I am mainly working on is getting rid of more and more clutter. You wouldn't believe how much can build up in one day.
My laundry room was really bad. Laundry and storage all in one. What a mess. It is much better now that Shanna went through it. I am continuing to get rid of clutter. It doesn't take long if I just do it. I now feel like I can fix some things up a little nicer. I have some plans for the laundry room and all over this house. Greg is taking a vacation this month sometime and finally going to put up the trim on the windows and doors.. We decided on pine instead of oak. It will look nice. I can't wait. It has been a looooooong time. Now we have to decide on the flooring. He wants carpet and I want wood. Hmmmmm wonder who will win. lol...
School is started again after a long Christmas break. Aj and Heath don't look forward to going now. It always seems to be that way. The first half of school is great, then after Christmas it turns to humdrum.
Jordan is back in Fargo working and going to school.. He also didn't look forward to going back. but he is done in April except a few classes he has to take online. Then he will have his degree in diesle mechanics. He is excited about that.
Well that is all that has gone on since the last time I was on. lol.... Not a very exciting life. One of these days I will find something really cool to blog about. Hang in there. lol.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Weekend

It's been a busy week, with football, work, family ect...
We left at about 5am for Centerville,Mt to watch Aj's quarterfinal football game against the Centerville team. It is a 6 hour drive. I of course slept most of the way. lol... We got to Centerville at about 11:30 am, so had an hour and half to wait. What a nerve wracking wait. The Longhorns played Centerville 2 years ago for the state championship and were down until the last 7 minutes of the game. They tied and went into overtime and we lost by one td. This year it was a quarterfinals game and the boys were nervous as could be, but determined to win.
Greg's brother got Jordan a Centerville Championship t-shirt as a joke for his birthday that year. We still had it so Aj took it and hung it in the locker room as an inspiration for the team. They took it with them to Centerville to keep reminding them it wasn't going to happen again.
It was a great game. The Longhorns worked hard and were ahead the whole game. It was quite impressive as Centerville was rated the #1 team in the state. The Longhorns #7. The ending score was 37-20 Longhorn win. It was awesome. If you have never seen 8 man football, you will want to do it. It is the most exciting of football games. Hard hitting, fast action games.
As for the old Centerville championship t-shirt? Aj ripped it in half and left it in the locker room for them to find. Bet they are wondering how we got a hold of one. lol....
So off to the Semi finals. The Longhorns play TwinBridges, another team that has had no loss. Or maybe just one. We have heard though, that they are tough. Hopefully the Horns can get by them also to get to the state championship game and win that also. This game is played here at home so we don't have to to travel.
Wish the Longhorns good luck. We are due for another State Championship. Aj is #32 in the pics above.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Because my blog is about my family and our yorkies, I guess I should write a bit about them. We raise and sell mostly tiny yorkies. Our "stud" is a 3 pound silver and tan yorkies. He actually thinks he is a Dobie. lol... He will take anyone on. We know he is the sweetest little guy who loves attention and to be snuggled and held. His name is Bear. Actually it is "Jordan's Montana Wee Bear". We have 3 females, Ali aka "LaBella's Bit a Sunshine" Rosey aka "April's Top Card Rosey" and Missy who doesn't yet have her registered name. She is only 6 months old and not ready to breed. Ali has 2 baby boys , 12 weeks old. I do have some interest in them at this time. Bear has his DNA in the AKC stud book. Ali is 3 pounds and is our 1st yorkie. She is totally spoiled rotten and follows me around all the time. She is the one that tells me when the food bowl is empty, when everyone needs to go outside, and when she just wants to be held. She could sit in my lap all day long and be perfectly happy. The others need to stay away from her babies or she will make it plain they are hers. Missy is a little stinker. She is mostly black. her fall hasn't changed color yet, so it is quite a shock to see her with her jet black hair. She reminds me of one of those soft floppy stuffed animals. She can jump onto my lap. She weighs 4 pounds 13 ounces. She is a joy to watch and play with. Rosie is our oldest female. She is 8 years old and has had many litters before we bought her. She was 5 when we got her. She is the one who can get out of the yard, but always comes back right away. She will sit by the food bowl just so no one else can have any. She will not share. She is also the biggest of the bunch at 7-8 pounds. Her puppies have not gotten bigger than 5 pounds.
Besides our Yorkies, we have a Minpin cross(with what we don't know) He is an old dog and ornery as he can be. The yorkies for some odd reason will never leave him alone, always licking his face which makes him pretty mad. lol.... And then there is Max. he is an austrailian shepherd cross and gets pretty irritable with the yorkies too. (they just want to be friendly) Max goes to work with Greg everyday. He is a herd dog and very well mannered. He sleeps in our room because Greg has him spoiled rotten too. He does warm my side of the bed before I get in though so I can't complain.
You can see my yorkies at
Have a look and let me know what you think of my little furbabies. They are a joy to own and they love you forever. As the saying goes, Yorkies are like potato chips, you can't have just one.
Ours are small enough,we could actually have a few more. lol... My husband would go nuts.